What If ALL Of Your Dreams Don’t Materialize?

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DreamBuilder Financial is a culmination of my dreams and passions. My name is Moshe Rosenblum-Amsel and this is my very first blog post. My goal is to help others achieve their dreams, goals and aspirations by providing tools, skills and systems to help them achieve those dreams. As a new blogger, I rely on my readers to determine if my message resonates with them and if it does they will tell their friends and family about it.


In a recent exercise with my daughters, I asked them to tell me a single dream that they have for their future. One of my daughters responded by describing the type of man she would love and marry, the house she imagined owning and the great job and financial flexibility she would have.

I had to stop her and point out that she had listed quite a few dreams and that the exercise was to pick a single dream. I then asked her if she would only feel like she achieved her dream if all the individual pieces lined up just as she imagined. What if you got the great job and didn’t find the man of your dreams? What if you found the perfect man but never were able to purchase the house you imagined? Would you consider your hopes and dreams to be dashed or would you be happy and thankful that a dream or some of your dreams came to fruition?

People get bogged down going through the motions of life and fail to dream, to define goals and forget to be thankful and grateful for achieving some of their dreams. My goal is to help guide people to dream, plan, set goals and gain the financial flexibility necessary to be able to achieve as many of their dreams as possible. I will do so by providing education, services and discussions to facilitate personal success.

Here is what you, my reader can expect from my blog posts. The posts will be written regularly on 3 main topics:

  1. Personal goals and financial topics
  2. Business goals and financial topics
  3. Personal and Business development

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I hope you enjoy my content and welcome to The DreamBuilder Financial Blog.