About DreamBuilder:

DreamBuilder Financial, LLC is a bookkeeping, accounting and business strategy company. We specialize in serving the online business community such as coaches and digital product creators.

The nature of the bookkeeping and accounting industry is changing rapidly. In today’s day and age, systems can be automated to eliminate the manual entries of traditional bookkeeping. We believe that our job has morphed into finding the right technical tools for our clients. We then concentrate on helping our clients understand their numbers and maximize their profitability.

There is a special place in our hearts for brand-new budding entrepreneurs. According to the Small Business Administration, over 50% of new businesses fail in their first five years. We attribute that rate of failure to failing to validate your idea, lack of a business plan and poor reporting capability from lack of an accounting system. It is imperative to know how much startup capital you need and what your ongoing numbers are. Our goal is to educate our clients before they make these mistakes so that they can be positioned for continued success.


About Moshe Amsel:

Moshe Amsel is the founder of DreamBuilder Financial, LLC and is well known among online entrepreneurs. Below is his story and how he came to create this business.

My entrepreneurial roots began when I was a young child. My dad was a serial solopreneur and every couple of years had another great business idea. His first employees were always his children. So it became that I worked in a flower business, gold refinery, repackaging closeout goods. As a matter of fact, funny story, one day he came home with cases and cases of a board game called Plutocrat. He got us together and said, we need to figure out why this game hasn’t sold. So we sat down to play. The instructions were horrible and the pieces were strewn all about when the box was first opened. We couldn’t figure out how to play. So we made up our own rules and my dad typed them up. We then had to open each box, organize the pieces into separate baggies, insert the instructions and shrink wrap the box. That is how we got to invent a new game!

As a teenager and young adult, I was disappointed with the lack of availability to good financial knowledge for inexperienced individuals. I was a subscriber to Money magazine but the articles always talked about people in the middle of their careers and people with young families. I realized that there was an area of the market that was not being addressed. This was when the first seeds were planted for the idea that would ultimately become DreamBuilder Financial.

I didn’t set out as an entrepreneur when I was 20. When I completed high school, I did not continue on to college. My mother thought that my hanging out with friends until 3 AM and then sleeping until 1 PM made me a bum, so she got me an internship at a local computer company. That internship set the ball in motion for a nearly 20 year career in the IT industry. I was really good at what I did and I soon filled multiple managerial positions.

I was always treating life as a race. I got married at 19 and had my first daughter that year. By 21 I owned my first home and by 23 had surpassed a 6 figure income but had also amassed tremendous responsibility with the arrival of my 3rd daughter. At this point, my burning desire to become an entrepreneur was squashed by the financial responsibility that I had for a family of 5.

After just 6 years of marriage and at the age of 25, my marriage went on the rocks and then shattered like a glass thrown out the window. I soon found myself to be a single dad, seeing my kids once a week and every other weekend and wondered what I was going to do with my life. The financial responsibility never left, as a matter of fact, it got even more difficult as my child support sapped my income and took away my ability to live on my own.

It is almost impossible to squeeze so many years and experiences into one small page on a website, so understand that this is shorter than the Cliff’s Notes version. I went through some serious soul searching and very low moments in my life during those years. I lost my job and was unsuccessful in finding a new one and I knew in my heart that the IT industry was not where I belonged. For the next 7 years, I worked as a Paramedic while I went back to school.

People don’t understand or maybe cannot comprehend what I did in the last 4 of those 7 years. I couldn’t survive on a Paramedic’s salary. I ultimately went through bankruptcy proceedings after I used credit card debt to pay my child support and couldn’t dig my way out of the hole. Then along came a job offer back in the IT industry and I was still 4 years from completing my schooling. I took the job, kept my Paramedic job and continued as a full-time student. Yes, I was working 2 full-time jobs and was a full-time student all at the same time – for 4 years!

I studied accounting and finance and graduated from SUNY Empire State College with a B.S. in Accounting and from Keller Graduate School of Management with a MBA.

I also met my lovely wife Jamie during this time and I could sense a new beginning was being born.

I founded DreamBuilder Financial in January 2015. My initial vision was to fill the void I felt as a teenager when it came to financial literacy and navigating the stock market, retirement planning and other major financial decisions. However, as I began building a community and getting to know people, I discovered that there was an even greater need. People with dreams and visions wanted to get their own business started and just simply didn’t know where to begin. Entrepreneurs in their 2nd and 3rd year of business couldn’t understand why they weren’t making money.

Having been a listener of business Podcasts such as those by Pat Flynn, John Lee Dumas, Amy Porterfield, Michael Hyatt, Cliff Ravenscraft, Chris Ducker, Michale Stelzner and others; I understood that I needed to focus on a single audience so that I could provide the best and most stellar experience to them. Considering that my community was already online, my mentors were all online, understanding the online entrepreneur was a natural fit.

Today, I am in a much better and happier place. I live my wife, 3 daughters, brand new son and our 4 legged son. I am focusing my energy on you the online entrepreneur with the mission to make understanding your business finances something that becomes an effortless exercise for you.