1004 – A Look at the Past and the Future, What to Expect in the Year Ahead

In this episode, Moshe invites you to visit the past and future. You’ll remember that last week, he explained that the podcast will take a new, three-section format covering personal finances, business, and taxes. In this episode, he goes through each section in turn, offering some backstory for why he focuses on these topics and how he got interested in them, and then offering a look at the year ahead with lists of the specific topics he plans to address.

We kick things off with the personal finance section. Moshe explains that as a teenager, he used to read Money Magazine, which opened his eyes to the possibilities of what money can do for you. As soon as he started earning money, though, he noticed the lack of financial information available for people just starting out. As he recounts his history, he explains some of the personal experiences that helped him learn about finances.

Upcoming broad topics in the personal finance section include the following (for more details, listen to the episode to hear specifics within each category):

  • Budgeting
  • Personal financial statements
  • Saving
  • Debt
  • Investing
  • Insurance

In the business section, Moshe tells us that he went straight to work after finishing high school, and discusses how his personal life forced him to become a breadwinner very young. He walks us through his early career choices, and discusses how each one contributed to his overall knowledge and skillset.
Moshe then went back to school as an adult while working two full-time jobs. He explores how distance learning differs from the traditional college experience, then gives us some insight into his credentials. Finally, he explains why he created Dream Bulder Financial: to provide information to enhance the financial situation of anyone interested.
Broad categories Moshe will cover in this section in the next year include:

  • Market research
  • Business plans
  • Legally forming your entity
  • Separating your funds
  • Accountants
  • Profit-first methodology
  • Tracking expenses
  • Getting started
  • Building an audience

Taxes became a subject of interest to Moshe during a college class. He talks about the surprising way in which his childhood Jewish education trained his brain to work in the ways necessary for a great tax consultant. He then talks about why taxation was a clear choice when he decided to open his own firm.
In the upcoming year, you can expect to hear about subjects within the following categories in the taxes section of the show:

  • Understanding the tax system in general
  • Form 1040
  • Children and dependents
  • Itemization
  • Alternative minimum tax
  • Residency
  • Investments
  • Real estate
  • Business tax topics
  • Sales tax
  • Payroll tax
  • Retirement options

In This Episode:
[01:19] – Moshe starts things off by explaining what he’ll cover in this episode and touching on what he’ll cover in future episodes.
[02:40] – We hear the backstory of how Moshe got interested in personal finance. He touches on the life experiences that shaped his knowledge of finances.
[07:14] – In future episodes, Moshe will go into more depth about these personal experiences and stories.
[07:53] – What can you expect to learn about in the personal finance section of the podcast in the upcoming year? Moshe rattles off an impressive list of topics within the categories of budgeting, saving, debt, investing, and insurance.
[13:32] – Moshe has great news for you if you’ve recently started a business or feel stuck and want more information about setting up your business properly. He’s offering a free flowchart called The Entrepreneur Blueprint. To get your copy, text the word “entrepreneur” to 44222 or go to dreambuilderfinancial.com/blueprint.
[14:12] – We hear about how Moshe got interested in business. He shares his educational and work history, explaining briefly how each experience contributed to his knowledge and skillset.
[17:56] – Moshe lists some topics that he plans to address in the business section of the podcast. The impressive array includes topics relating to market research, defining your client, preselling, business plans, legally forming your entity, profit-first methodology, budgeting, and getting started with a new business.
[22:58] – A frequent question that Moshe gets from business owners is this: “What do I need to know about business taxation?” Fortunately, he has the answer! To get a copy of his free guide with five tax tips every business owner needs to know, you can text “5taxtips” to 44222 or go to dreambuilderfinancial.com/5taxtips.
[23:43] – Kicking off the third section of the show, Moshe talks about what got him interested in the topic of taxation, and what drew him to become a tax consultant.
[25:33] – Moshe lists what we can expect from the tax portion of the show in the upcoming year.

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