1002 – Solopreneur to Entrepreneur – The Cliff Ravenscraft Next Step Solution

There are always many options to every dilemma, the key is finding the right solution for you.

In this episode, I address Cliff Ravenscraft’s dilemma outlined in Podcast Answer Man Episode 432 – Year of Identity – Part 1 and The Cliff Ravenscraft Show Episode 635 – Year of Identity Part 2. Cliff has found a calling to become a life and business coach and wants to stop his involvement in the Podcast Answer Man. His wife is encouraging him to take the plunge because she knows that this is the only way for him to be successful in a timely fashion. Whereas, his mastermind group is encouraging him not to walk away immediately from Podcast Answer Man.

My recommendation to Cliff is a mindset shift from being The Podcast Answer Man to owning The Podcast Answer Man. I outline how Cliff can transform this business into an enterprise that runs without him, without delaying the launch of his new brand and venture.

Please join the discussion below and let me know what you think Cliff can do as well as what struggles you may be facing today.